Here at Maverick Consulting Group we have been outsourcing to the Philippines for more than 15 years!  We started outsourcing when we became overwhelmed by the amount of work it took to maintain our finance sites.   We wanted to concentrate on financing our clientrs not maintaining websites, SEO, backlinks and social media!

So we started outsourcing.  We built several large teams and started doing outsourcingwe do it for you services for other marketers, training business owners and helping business owners hire their own teams.

Outsourcing is more than just going out and hiring some people to complete task. Outsourcing without a plan is the #1 reason so many people do not have a good experience with outsourcing.

Why Outsource?

  • The primary benefit of outsourcing is to reduce labor costs while sacrificing as little quality as possible. In addition to cost savings, companies can use outsourcing strategies to better focus on core aspects of the business.
  • Outsourced teams can be up and running shortly after hiring them.  They are specialist in their field (or should be – if you need help hiring the RIGHT freelancer let us know!)   and spend most, if not all of their time working in their specialty.
  • Most freelancers will not need any training.
  • You can hire an outsourced agent, Full time, Part time, or Gig work (projects)
  • We have been outsourcing to the Philippines for over 15 years and have run times of 12+ people. We help business owners to not just create an Outsourcing Action Plan, but to hire the perfect staff for their outsourcing needs.

Visit our outsourcing site at MaverickOutsourcing.com