Building business credit is becoming more and more important for businesses.  Whether you have good personal credit or bad.  Many business owners are becoming aware of the many benefits of building business credit.

Benefits of building business credit

  • Protects their personal credit from their business debts
  • Business lines of credit tend to be larger in size than personal lines of credit
  • If you have strong business credit, you can obtain financing for your business without using your PERSONAL CREDIT!  Thus opening doors for you that would normally be closed due to having a low credit score.
  • Makes your business more valuable!  If you had the choice to buy a business with no business credit, or one where the business owner built a significant amount of business credit.  Which would you buy?
  • Make obtaining financing much easier.  Did you know that the SBA has started using a blended credit score?  They will look at your personal credit AND your BUSINESS credit when making a decision!  Lets say your personal credit score is a little below what your SBA bank is looking for.  Your business credit can help bridge the gap and turn that NO into a YES!

Our business credit building consulting services:

We can help you build business credit in the following ways:

  • Private coaching – we work with you directly to build your business credit
  • Group coaching – we have been asked by many organizations to teach their members how to build business credit.  If you run an organization and would like for us to teach your members make sure to schedule a FREE consultation below!
  • Live events – 3 hour live events that we put on in TX, VA, and IL currently.  More states coming soon! (Temp Unavailable))

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